My First Week as a Stay at Home Mommy!

So after ten years of owning my own business, the Lord guided me into closing my doors, and becoming a stay at home Mom. It was such a heart wrenching decision to have to make! I was scared of so much! How do I tell my staff? What will my clients think? The thing about it all, is that I owned and operated a small childcare center, so this was not just staff and clients. It was families and children lives I was going to effect! How was I going to look these Moms in the eyes, and tell them they would have to find another childcare center for their child to go to? How was I going to tell my staff, that they would no longer have jobs? I don’t think, that I have ever had to do something that made me feel so horrible, so guilty, embarrassed in my entire life. But after much prayer, God plainly gave me the answer. So on Friday October 30th, I laid everything I have ever known, for the last ten years of my life to rest.

I have just finished my first week as a stay at home Mom. It has been the most challenging, yet rewarding job I have ever done! I am such a “Type A” person so yes I had to create a schedule! LOL!!!  My day starts at 5:30am and ends around 8:00pm. Which it’s an extremely long day. Nova only naps for two, sometimes three times out of the day at twenty minutes each nap. So there has been no down time at all for me! When Victor comes home, I try to give him time to settle in, and then he will usually cover the night shift with her, until she goes to bed, to allow me time to rest up!

To think about what has been the low of my week; I would have to say the feeling of wanting to do so much, and not getting it all done. Since I am at home, I am still trying to find avenues of bringing income into our household, as we have been use to living off of two incomes, and well, I just love to contribute to our household in that way. It reminds me of the lady described in proverbs 31, where is says that “she considers a field and buys it”. Proverbs 31:16. 

Okay, so the highlight of my first week as a stay at home mom! Seeing Nova Crawl for the first time!!! Here she is!! Look at her! This was definitely confirmation from God, that this is exactly where he wanted me to be!




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